Who Is DiamondBar

afterDiamondBar was created to provide the quality lacked by shops within the vehicle wrapping industry and to be a support for customers who are wanting quality materials along with the install.
The journey began in 1994 when I got to install graphics for Fast Signs in Denver, Colorado. Learning sales,simple plotter tasks, production and installation, it wasn’t long before the idea of starting DiamondBar. It wasn’t easy to produce banners,print deals,and production in the living room of my parent’s home, but it is one of those things that had to get done and help be where i am today.

Over the span of 20 years, many people and shops alike have helped me hone my techniques. Tips and tricks from key individuals in the Vehicle Wrap trade also play a role in where i am today with DiamondBar.
To have worked with many of the Vehicle Wrap shops in Arizona and Southern California, i began to see how each and every one of these shops provide customer service, and DiamondBar wants to continue that same Quality Service to the shops DiamondBar helps and to its customers alike.
The Installation is a key component in any Vehicle Graphic shop, it is the last process in keeping and gaining new clients. This is why DiamondBar specializes in the Installation process. To give customers that reassurance that DiamondBar is on their side and on the side of the print provider.
I do thank my parents and siblings for their support in the whole process and to my wife,Cheryl, who has seen the ups and downs with me, and to God who has blessed me with the opportunity to help others. To the shops and it’s owners, i do thank you also.